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Energy Powered by the Heat in the air for all energy applications

What is an Ambient Infrared Thermal Powercell?

-An Ambient Infrared Thermal Powercell is a new device that can absorb thermal energy from the air at room temperature (without there being a temperature difference in the air) and use it to produce electrical current.

What can you power with an Ambient Infrared Thermal Powercell?

-There are 3 types of Ambient Infrared Thermal Powercells.

     -Ambient Infrared Thermoelectric Powercell

     -Ambient Infrared Pyroelectric Powercell

     -Ambient Infrared Thermophotovoltaic Powercell

 All three types are small enough and powerfull enough to replace batteries in electronic devices, and power homes, cars, and aircraft. (Small devices a few cubic centimeters in size can put out several watts, enough to power remotes, flashlights, cellphones, etc. Large devices about a cubic meter in size, with large heatsinks and fans, can output up to 25 gigawatts and more.)

How does an Ambient Infrared Thermal Powercell work?

-There are 3 types of Thermal Powercells: Thermoelectric, Pyroelectric, and Thermophotovoltaic. All 3 operate a little differently, but they all absorb thermal energy from the air at room temperature and use it to produce electrical current. Currently, the thermoelectric version is the most cost effective and easiest to produce, and it is currently the only one that has been prototyped.

     The Ambient Infrared Thermoelectric Powercell collects thermal energy from the air at room temperature using heatsinks, fans, or both, and then absorbs it using thermoelectric elements. A basic Thermoelectric Powercell is made of a thermoelectric heat pump (which are available at most electronics component supply stores) with a Thermoelectric Generator Plate who's junctions are split between the hot and cold side of the thermoelectric pump. Heat is pumped from the cold side of the device to the hot side of the device where it is absorbed using the thermoelectric generator plates on that side. Half of the energy generated by the device is run back through the heat pump plate to keep energy moving through the device, and the other half is used as a power supply.


Thermoelectric Thermal Powercell Plate:

Thermal Powercell Thermoelectric Plate with TEG Plates.png

Why haven't I heard of the Ambient Infrared Thermal Powercell?

-This is because it's new! The basic working prototype was finished in early November and the Patent was filed mid-November. I will be working with existing thermoelectric generator companies (who produce thermoelectric generators that run on fossil fuels and other combustible fuels) to produce a final prototype of the ambient infrared thermal version and I will be taking preorders on devices that can power homes after the final prototype is finished.

If you are a thermoelectric, pyroelectric, or thermophotovoltaic device manufacturer and you are interested in licensing the Ambient Infrared Thermal Powercell, please contact me here.

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