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The Prototype:

Thermoelectric Thermal Powercell Prototype.png
Thermoelectric Thermal Powercell Prototype.jpg

     The only version of the Thermal Powercell that has currently been prototyped is the Thermoelectric Thermal Powercell. The Thermoelectric Thermal Powercell prototype is made from a single 40mm x 40mm x 3mm TEC Plate (36 watts) with 16 mini, 10mm x 10mm x 2mm TEC plates glued to the front and back. Each mini TEC contains 16 junctions, but since they are being used as a single 2 sided TEG, each mini TEG only uses 2 junctions each (Each junction from the mini TEG's is connected to a single junction of a mini TEG on the opposite side of the plate). This produces a single, 2 sided TEG with it's junctions split between the hot and the cold side of the TEC plate. The 2 sided TEG produces about .64 volts and .64 amps (about .41 watts). Since each mini TEC only uses 2 junctions each, but has the electrical resistance of 16 junctions (.06 ohms), this is, of course, a simple, but very inefficient version of a Thermoelectric Thermal Powercell. With a single, 2 sided 40mm x 40mm x 3mm TEG with only 16 junctions and designed to cover both sides of the TEC plate, this efficiency and power output improves and a single TEG of this size, with an elements thickness of 1mm on both sides, can produce about 400 watts. Because the device can only produce .41 watts, it produces enough energy to power the plate (.2 watts), but cannot physically do so because .2 watts is not sufficient to activate the 36 watt TEC heat pump at a 100 degree celsius temperature difference. However, it runs well and is stable, and produces enough energy to power the heat pump (.2 watts) and supply .2 watts of external power.

     I plan to produce a final version of the 40mm x 40mm x 3mm prototype that is able to produce about 400 watts in the next few weeks.

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